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We’re happy to offer elephant related products that we’ve designed ourselves on  for your consideration. A few are presented here and more are available on our For Elephants Sake Zazzle shop. We receive a royalty for each item sold and use that money to support elephant causes. If you are also a Zazzle affiliate, you can link to our store or promote any of our products and you’ll receive a referral commission yourself, above and beyond what we’re paid. It’s a great way to generate income to support your own causes even if you are not interested in designing products yourself. 

Just an Elephant Men’s T-Shirt
Just an Elephant Men’s T-Shirt by ForElephantsSake
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Red Elephant Image Heart Stickers
Red Elephant Image Heart Stickers by ForElephantsSake
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Don’t see the type of product you would like to have shown on this page or in our For Elephants Sake shop? Leave us a reply below and we’ll see if we can add it.

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